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Learning Together

Our New Tech Experience     You have to be brave. It's something teachers find hard to do.  But you must push forward and do it.  You can do it, I just know it. Start with a tech tool you know very little about, and LET THE KIDS LEARN WITH YOU. Or better yet, let them investigate and then teach you!
   The behavior guidelines and learning expectations must be in place.  I'm not saying it's a free for all. Give them a few reminders and what you want them to do and what you expect them to do:  Remember to respect the equipment.  Take turns.  Listen to your teammates and work together.  And, come up with at least 3 things this new tool can do. Simple, efficient, and manageable.
   Kids LOVE teaching adults.  They are eager to discover and show you something they learned and when they see your eyes with a genuine expression of WOW, they strive to learn more.
   During this discover and share session, I let the kids get started with just the bots, and told them a few brief thi…
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I Am a Learner

The term learner would be an accurate to describe me.  My curiosity still spurs excitement and the quest to know more. I have been that way for as long as I remember, and I think it helps me to relate to my 4th grade students.  We end up on a learning and sharing journey together.
   I often remind them of my wish to have had YouTube and Google growing up.  Would I have learned to knit mittens? Fix an engine? Paint or build a swing?  I wonder how differently my life would have turned out if I could have relied on my own questions and hobbies to learn how to do things AND share with with others.
    I use Twitter for this in my professional life.  I have met so many other educators looking for a place to learn and share.  It all happens like magic.  I finish a Twitter chat and my mind is racing with new things.  I can't wait to look at the many new tabs I have opened during the chat that were suggested by others.  (That's another thing about me-I often have 20-30 tabs open a…